Federal Highway Plans: 2006
August 18, 2006, 12:37 PM
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Plans for Federal Highway Corridor

August 18, 2006

City staff have been planning for some time to do what they can to change the face of Hollywood’s Federal Highway corridor between Pembroke Road and Sheridan Street. Plans for this purpose (in the form of a zoning overlay district) are expected to be before the City Commission for approval this fall. Developers have been buying up parcels in anticipation, though now with escalating construction costs, it is not clear whether grand plans will be stalled.

The idea is to provide lots of new housing in the form of “mixed use development” along the corridor (for example, retail on the ground floor, office on the next two floors, and housing on upper floors) The most intense projects, to include public plazas along with all the mixed uses, are designated for U.S. 1 at Pembroke Road (approximately 2 acres on the northwest corner) and Sheridan Street. These two intersections the plan calls “Major Nodes.” Allowable height at these “nodes” would be 14 stories (140 feet).

So-called “Minor Nodes” with height at ten stories (105 feet) are planned for the intersections at Washington, Van Buren, Polk, Johnson, and Taft Streets. The buildings between the major and minor “node” intersections, would be limited to approximately eight stories (85 feet), except between Monroe and Fillmore Streets, where the allowable height would be approximately ten stories (105 feet). Already we hear that developers in the wings are working to get preliminary approval for more height along the corridor.

The renderings below provide a glimpse into Hollywood’s future as reflected in zoning approved by the city’s Planning and Zoning Board and soon to be considered by the City Commission.

Proposed Development at Pembroke Road and Federal Highway

Proposed Development at Harding Street-Federal Highway Intersection

Proposed Development at Taft Street-Federal Highway Intersection

How Hollywood’s infrastructure can support the extensive development envisioned here is not mentioned in the city’s Powerpoint presentation about the plan. The full plan (134 pages) is titled HOLLYWOOD CORRIDORS: ZONING AND LAND USE RECOMMENDATIONS JANUARY 2006.

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