Sheridan Stationside & Coral Rock House
April 30, 2007, 12:52 PM
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April 30, 2007

Sheridan Stationside Project

The Broward County Planning Council voted 11-4 to recommend approval of  the Sheridan Stationside “transit oriented development,” sending the proposal on to the county commission for its consideration of the project.

On the plus side, the developer announced a voluntary commitment to give the City of Hollywood six acres of oak hammock for a park. This acreage will include the coral rock house in its present location which the developer promised to restore for use as a community center.

On the negative side, Hollywood residents’ testimony about unacceptable levels of traffic was ignored. Just two days before the hearing, a traffic consultant produced a document purporting to show that the traffic would be better on Taft Street as a result of 1,050 new homes plus retail, office and hotel development at the Sheridan Tri-Rail site.  This “improvement” would be achieved by adding two turn lanes and a stop light. All but four of the Planning Council members apparently relied on this document to approve the project.

Some members of the Planning Council wanted to leave for lunch, so the majority voted to cut off public comments before everyone had an opportunity to speak.  They then rushed through their approval, holding virtually no thoughtful discussion on the project.  This meant that several residents were not allowed to speak although they had been sitting in the chambers for two and a half hours waiting for the opportunity.  A low point in the proceeding occurred when Hollywood Commissioner Fran Russo, who is a member of the Planning Council, voted with the majority to prevent several Hollywood residents from speaking.  At least one of those who had been patiently waiting to speak was from her own district.  ignoring residents’ concerns, she then voted to approve the project.

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