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November 9, 2011, 12:34 PM
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Hollywood’s Great Neighborhoods Challenge

Our City’s economic decline is visible everywhere.  City staff has pondered how we can accomplish dramatic and positive change, given the City’s very limited financial resources.  That’s where the Great Neighborhoods Challenge comes in — a 120 day city-wide property improvement contest, with cash prizes, that begins December 1, 2011.

It’s a collaborative effort among the City, residents, business owners, and organizations with an interest in working together to make all Hollywood neighborhoods better. For purposes of this contest, Hollywood is divided into 15 geographic areas that cover the entire city. The Challenge has both a private and a public property component.

Private Property Challenge

The City has launched this four-month Challenge to inspire property owners to take a fresh look at their home or business to see what exterior improvements would spruce up the property.  Not only individual homes, but also condos and other multifamily buildings as well as businesses are eligible to enter the Challenge.  Tenants, also, may participate, provided their landlord agrees.   Perhaps a fresh coat of paint is in order, or the landscaping needs attention. What about cleaning out that carport, or removing that broken-down fence? What can you do to add some curb appeal to your property?  Only exterior improvements visible from the public right of way are eligible.

Enter the contest, make the improvements between December 1, 2011 and April 1, 2012, and you may win a prize.  Thirteen prizes will be awarded to the winners in each participating geographic area that submits a minimum of 25 improved properties ($2500, $1000, and $500 as first, second, and third prize, plus $100 gift cards for ten honorable mention winners). The prize money is coming from the City’s Tree Fund (or from the CRA if a winner’s property lies within CRA boundaries). As a Challenge participant you’ll get to know your neighbors, improve the look of your neighborhood, and help raise its property values, as well as having a shot at the prize money.

Prior to December 1, each of the 15 areas will be organizing a Neighborhood Action Committee (NAC)  to coordinate the Challenge and line up at least the 25  participants the NAC needs to enter the contest.  Hopefully more than the minimum will participate in order to achieve a greater impact in the neighborhood.   Until the NACs are organized,  you can express your interest in participating and/or get more information about the Great Neighborhoods Challenge by calling the City of Hollywood’s Community Development Department at 954-921-3381 or visiting its website.

Public Property Challenge

Each NAC that achieves the minimum 25 improved privately owned properties is also eligible to submit a design for improvements to a publicly owned space in its neighborhood.  The Public Space Challenge has three or four winners city-wide.  The City will do the work on the winning designs.

The rules for the Great Neighborhoods Challenge and much more information about the contest is available on the Department of Community Development’s website.


Although there is great truth to many of the comments, this is a time for citizens to improve and police our neighborhoods.Not only would this help improve property values, but would increase Hollywood’s appeal on all levels. Removal of grass overgrowing our curbs and of unsightly debris would help our image substantially.This is not about a cash prize but about civic pride; something that we all can accomplish.

Comment by Dale Slomoff

I agree with first comment that too many elistist projects were given piriority. Put some time energy and effort into projects west of Presidential circle. This area has been neglected far too long. Just look at the conditions on and around 441! Not a shining example of waht people should see coming off the turnpike into the COH!!

Comment by bill

Certain neighborhoods have been neglected by the city for years while the city pumped millions into elitist projects, or projects connected to development, many of which are failures.

Now the city wants to ask homeowners/landlords to put up their own money on the chance they will win a prize. Please.

I lived in North Central for 8 years. The city can’t even get it together to put sidewalks on Johnson street. And the bus stops are deplorable. Need I say more.

Shame on them for past neglect and shame on them now.

Comment by Emily Emerson

When I lived in San Diego they initiated the “Orchids and
Onions Awards”(properties of note for admirable appearance and those which were derelict) This list was published on the newspaper as well as San Diego Magazine with great effect.
Dale Slomoff
Home owner in Hollywood Lakes

Comment by Dale Slomoff

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