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December 17, 2011, 10:15 PM
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The City Commission is now considering the top applicants for the position of city manager. The executive search firm, Affion Public, received 60 applications for the position and selected six finalists to describe to the City Commission at a workshop earlier this week. Based on the head hunter’s presentation, the Commission voted to interview all six.

You can see a photo of each candidate and assess their qualifications at this link on the City website. Hiring a new manager is one of the most important decisions this Commission will make. Because it will affect all of us, Hollywood citizens must become knowledgeable about the candidates and make their wishes known to the City Commission as the selection process continues.

The finalists will be in Hollywood January 5-6, 2012.  On the 5th, an evening meet-and-greet event with the public will be held at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center.  The following day, the City Commission will hold a public meeting to interview the candidates. Mark your calendars now.


My personal opinion, having written RFP’s for City Manager searches in the past, is that this listing of 6 finalists does not provide the proper or sufficient selections for consideration. Many have no prior City Manager experience. Several include Assistant and Administrative Management to City Manager or Mayor, but no direct City management experience. We have also been down this road before. A search for a City Manager should include only those with direct City Manager experience, or those “Assistants” from a very large entity who’s direct involvement would be equivalent to that of a City Manager in the size of Hollywood.
We cannot do another “On the Job Training” for Hollywood. We need someone who can hit the ground running, with a plan, and the eyes and ears of a city management expert.
Let’s go back into the resumes and come up with a better group of people, or additional persons with the proper credentials. Or, do another search.

Comment by Linda Wilson

I too was disapppointed not to see any women on the list. This was an expensive search.

I would favor a candidate with auditing, budget and extensive administrative experience, with no connections to South Florida.

Comment by Charlotte Greenbarg

We’ve already been down this road:

Comment by Hollywood Helper

No women?

Larry Legg

Comment by Lawrence Legg

The level of corruption that exists in State and Local government here in Florida is mind blowing. I want a Manager brought in from out of State. Applicants that have worked in the local public sector always owe someone something. We need and deserve a fresh start.

Rev. Tony Saia

Comment by Rev. Tony Saia

3 Candidates seem like possibilities based on the size of the cities that presently work and good financial backgrounds. Was disappointed that the search firm did not surface any women. Thanks for posting this Sara.

Comment by Rosemary Sabino

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