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January 2, 2012, 9:58 PM
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The schedule is now set for meeting and interviewing the finalists for Hollywood  City Manager.  All six finalists will be in Hollywood on Thursday and Friday this week, Jan. 5-6.  Executive staff will meet the candidates first, accompanying them on a tour of the City and lunch on Thursday morning .  Thursday afternoon and Friday morning will be devoted to commissioner interviews.   Each candidate will interview individually with Vice Mayor Asseff, Commissioner Blattner, Commissioner O’Sheehan, Commissioner Russo, and Commissioner Sherwood on Thursday afternoon, and with Commissioner Furr and Mayor Bober on Friday morning.

The public’s opportunity to meet the candidates will occur at a “Meet and Greet”  on Thursday evening, from 6-7:30 PM, at the Art and Culture Center.  At this event, the Mayor will introduce each candidate and each one will give a brief two-minute self introduction.

On Friday at 2 PM, a special commission meeting open to the public will be held, at which time the entire Commission will conduct formal interviews with each candidate and then decide on what step to take next.

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Many have no prior City Manager experience. Several include Assistant and Administrative Management to City Manager or Mayor, but no direct City management experience. We have also been down this road before. A search for a City Manager should include only those with direct City Manager experience, or those “Assistants” from a very large entity who’s direct involvement would be equivalent to that of a City Manager in the size of Hollywood.
We cannot do another “On the Job Training” for Hollywood. We need someone who can hit the ground running, with a plan, and the eyes and ears of a city management expert.
Let’s go back into the resumes and come up with a better group of people, or additional persons with the proper credentials. Lets do another search.

I agree with the content of Linda Wilson comments…

John Passalacqua

Comment by john Passalacqua

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