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May 22, 2012, 5:42 PM
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New Role for Civic Associations

The Johnson Street business corridor between 56th Avenue and 441 is about to meet the Hollywood Council of Civic Associations’ Neighborhood Pride team.  A resident-driven pilot project to help rejuvenate the corridor is in the works. If successful, this project can be replicated in other Hollywood neighborhoods.

Johnson Street Business Corridor

Decades of neglect have taken their toll on this three-block stretch that runs through the newly organized Hollywood Gardens residential neighborhood. Many useful services and stores populate the corridor. Some well-maintained properties are located here, such as Mimi’s, Gino’s, Hispanic Unity and a few others. But in general the corridor looks like a run-down hodgepodge of properties badly in need of refurbishment, with vehicles parked every-which-way.  Many vacancies exist that could provide space for companies forced to relocate as 441 is widened. But its current appearance may not provide much attraction for businesses moving from 441.

The Neighborhood Pride team is organizing community and city support, in the form of in-kind services, from local schools and community groups as well as city staff, to help the businesses improve the curb appeal of  their properties.  In addition, somewhat similar to Superior Small Lodgings on Hollywood Beach,  the group is creating a Neighborhood Pride Award to be conferred in 2013 on businesses that clean up and beautify their properties. The award will focus only on exterior appearance:  business facade, signage, cleanliness, landscaping.

Over the summer, residents from the Neighborhood Pride team will be walking door-to-door on the corridor to meet business owners and tenants, learn more about their particular needs, and seek ideas from them about corridor enhancements.

Representatives from the following civic associations are steering this pilot project: Highland Gardens Civic Association, Hollywood Gardens Neighborhood Association, Hollywood Hills Civic Association, Hollywood Lakes Civic Association, and Lawn Acres Civic Association. If you have ideas or would like to participate in this pilot project, contact the Neighborhood Pride team at the following address:


What an excellent example of volunteers working together to make that part of the neighborhood better, and from it creating positive momentum that will benefit the entire city.

Comment by Charlotte Greenbarg

A good start is with code enforecement get serious about signage and other code enforceable violations.

Comment by bill

Hi Bill,
The Neighborhood Pride group made a decision early on not to go with code enforcement because it deals only with specific violations, alienates targeted property owners, and does not address needed systemic change. That’s why an incentive approach is being utilized instead.

Comment by Balance Sheet Blog

Would love to have a similar project with apartment rentals throughout the city! Along Johnson there some I think need help. Many may be absentee landlords and could use ideas for curb appeal or maybe they don’t know how bad they look. I’ve thought about doing something on my own, but would love it to be a group effort. I’ll contact the board . . . and look forward to helping.

Comment by Tiffany Grantham

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