Governing by Waiver UPDATE
April 30, 2013, 3:53 PM
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We have just learned that Stiles has asked that the waiver request be deferred from Wednesday’s City Commission agenda. Meanwhile, everyone should understand that this project is still moving forward.  It has been approved.   The ground breaking event is set for Thursday, May 2, at noon.

We hope that removing the waiver request from this week’s City Commission agenda will allow the City and Stiles to come to agreement on a way to uphold the ordinance and move the project forward.


Hollywood is a Florida Green Building Council Certified Green Local Government, because we are committed to leadership in Environmental Sustainability. The Green team and the City Commission after considerable discussion decided that anything less than a mandatory Green Building Ordinance would seriously dilute the efficacy of the ordinance. So it was unanimously decided by the City Commission that in order to ensure the intent of the ordinance that it must be made mandatory. There should be no variance from the INTENT of the ordinance. If there is any variance, it should be to make sure the ordinance is worded so that such projects may be easily built to LEED or equivalent approved Certification. Without the paperwork, documentation and commissioning there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY that the project is built to the appropriate specifications; and the prestige of another LEED building in our city is not received.

Comment by Paul Farren

Well, I was there at the Lakes Meeting, when they introduced themselves to the public. I did have an opportunity to voice these to them. 🙂

Comment by Connie Furze

It’s always better when people get together and solve problems without rancor, torches and pitchforks!

Comment by Charlotte Greenbarg

It should!! It should be the most beautifully landscaped, with appealing stores, and inviting little places or cafes. South Broward young adults and Olsen Middle children walk through that area, every day!!! Even for Saturday school, they deserve a nice area, inviting for them at those hours of the day, when stores are praying to get customers. Look at Chipotle. They are usually in the middle of nowhere, and I know for a fact, that kids know via twitter who is hanging out there and they just go to meet and hang out. Hopefully there is a vision for the future, and not just a giveaway from us to Stiles.

Comment by Connie Furze

Let’s hope so, since this project is fronting on the gateway to our city on U.S. 1, it should be an inviting, landscaped architecturally appealing site.

Comment by Sue Gunzburger

who’s going from the city ?

Comment by concerned citizen

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