The Balance Sheet Blog, like the BalanceSheetOnline website that ran from 2004-2011, seeks to provide information about a wide range of Hollywood issues that are not generally covered in any depth in the mainstream media: issues like the city budget, taxes and fees, water and sewer capacity, the health of our beach, neighborhood conditions, development and growth.

Our goal is to inform citizens and create a public forum for discussion. Even though the Balance Sheet format has changed, the articles we post will be the same, factual and accurate to the best of our ability. If we make a mistake, we will post a correction. Unlike our former website, the Balance Sheet Blog allows you to post your own comments. (We reserve the right to disallow abusive comments and personal attacks.) We welcome your views and hope you will comment often. Together we can help make Hollywood a better city.

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I write a blog on Lake County, FL fiscal issues and your blog is a treat. I am researching a major article on CRA’s because the local County Commissioners are considering formation of one. Your CRA articles are great background. CRA’s seem to have many of the same problems with wasteful spending that special districts in Florida do. I have written numerous articles on our local North Lake County Hospital District, which collects currenlty over $8-million in property taxes and splits it between two NAMED private corporate hospitals without any spending rules or oversight. As I like to say, they can spend it legally on pink flamingos for the lawns because the legislators never provided any oversight features.

Comment by Vance Jochim

Sara and Laurie,

Your new format is wonderful – keep up the good work!!!

Comment by Penny Johns

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